Meet Franziska Fisken

In the heart of Europe lies Vienna, a city steeped in history, art, and architectural marvels. Amidst its grandeur resides an English woman, a retired teacher turned multifaceted entrepreneur, whose passions and pursuits enrich her life in this vibrant metropolis.

Meet Franziska Fisken, a seasoned traveller, avid reader, and connoisseur of art and architecture. Having spent her career shaping young minds as an educator, she now finds herself immersed in the rich tapestry of Vienna’s cultural offerings while indulging in her varied interests, from finance to fitness.

Retirement for Franziska isn’t about slowing down; it’s about embracing new opportunities. As a property investor, she navigates the Viennese real estate market, leveraging her expertise to secure lucrative investments. Her keen eye for value and her understanding of the local landscape make her a formidable presence in the world of property.

But her endeavours don’t stop there. Franziska is also a job coach, guiding individuals towards fulfilling careers and helping them navigate the ever-evolving job market. Her experience as an educator lends her a unique perspective, allowing her to tailor her guidance to each individual’s needs.

As a content writer, Franziska Fisken shares her insights and experiences with a global audience. Whether it’s delving into the intricacies of finance and investing or exploring the nuances of Viennese culture, her words resonate with readers, offering them a glimpse into her world.

Despite her busy schedule, Franziska makes time for what truly matters to her—staying active and exploring the world around her. She keeps fit through walking, rowing, and swimming, finding solace and serenity in the rhythm of these activities. And when she’s not breaking a sweat, she’s venturing off the beaten path, discovering hidden gems and forging connections with locals.

For Franziska, living in Vienna isn’t just about residing in a new city; it’s about immersing herself in its essence. She relishes the opportunity to meet new people, to become part of their communities, and to share in their joys and traditions.

In Franziska’s eyes, life is an adventure to be savoured—one that’s best enjoyed with an open mind and a curious spirit. And in Vienna, surrounded by its rich history, vibrant culture, and welcoming community, she’s found the perfect canvas on which to paint her next chapter.