PAG Jinja Youth Committee on a pre-visit at the source of the Nile gardens prior to the singles outing.

Getting Ready for the Singles Outing?

Well, prior to the outing which may be scheduled in early May probably, the youth committee had to visit potential sites with ample space for singles outing and boom – The source of the Nile gardens!

Located in Uganda, the Source of the Nile Gardens is a beautiful place where the famous Nile River begins. It’s a perfect place for chilling out in nature and getting to know each other.

Here are the findings from the pre- visit:

1. Relaxing in Nature:

The gardens are so peaceful and beautiful. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the calming sounds of the river. It’s a great way to calm your nerves and get ready to meet new people.

2. Making Friends:

Walking around the gardens together is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends. You can chat, laugh, and enjoy the beauty of nature while getting to know each other. Who knows, you might find someone you really click with!

3. Trying Exciting Things:

There are lots of fun activities to do in the gardens, like taking a boat ride on the river or going on a guided tour, bird watching, etc. It’s a chance to try something new and have a blast with your new friends.

4. Learning Cool Stuff:

Did you know the Nile River is super important? You can learn all about it and its history while you’re at the gardens. It’s fascinating stuff and gives you something interesting to talk about with your new pals.


Taking some time to visit the gardens was indeed a great thought in preparation for the B!G DAY. You can’t afford to miss as we anticipate various singles from many sister churches. Whether it’s finding a special someone or just having a good time, setting your intentions helps you get ready for the fun ahead.

So, if you’re feeling a little nervous about the singles outing, why not take a trip to the Source of the Nile Gardens? It’s a great way to relax, meet new people, and get excited for the adventure waiting for you. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to have fun and make new friends!

Special thanks to Papa Solomon, Denis, Isaac, Ella, Phoebe and Samuel for the great efforts to reach the venue.


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