I and the Shitokota PAG team made it to the top of Mt, Wanaale in Mbale District

Representing KAWA during the 7th National Conference on Communications at Makerere university.

The school ICT club inspired with great innovation ideas of developing robots to do the human work but also using technology to do the IOT- Internet Of Things so s to add value to the local products to benefit both the school and the the community.

I had two busy days voicing the books and editing eBooks respectively

We had a successful word press meet up at Innovation Village Jinja, Come join us every Saturday and add on your knowledge!!

I had the pleasure to meet one of my great friends, Inspirational Innovator and Businessman who also doubles as CEO – Electricks ltd and an Electrical engineer.

(about two years ago.)

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.

Arnold H. Glasgow.